For starters…

People choose vegetarianism and veganism for various reasons, including environmental, ethical, and health considerations. Whilst a vegetarian diet avoids meat and fish, a vegan diet excludes animal products altogether.

We’re passionate about living a full, healthy, happy life, and we believe a balanced, plant-based diet is essential to this. In addition to being mouth-wateringly tasty, vegetarian/vegan cuisine is often nutritious, wholesome, and easy to make yourself.  We hope we can inspire you to incorporate more vegetarian/vegan options into your diet…we promise you won’t look back! 

A healthier BMI

One study found that those who adopted vegetarian/vegan diets, over time, had a lower body weight than that of meat-eaters. So, if you’re watching your waistline, an easy way to stay fit is to eat a plant-based diet. This is because plant-based diets are typically lower in calories. meaning that veggies can eat larger portion sizes for the same calorific content of the average meat dish.

Healthier cholesterol levels

Another healthful side effect of a vegetarian/vegan diet is lowered cholesterol levels. In fact, vegan diets are cholesterol-free. After examining the long-term effects of following a vegetarian diet, Korean nutritionists concluded that body fat and cholesterol levels were lower in vegetarians than omnivores. Therefore, eliminating any animal products from your diet will have an automatic positive effect on your health.

Glowing skin

If clear, glowing skin is what you desire, then veganism might be your savior. Studies have shown that the consumption of dairy shows a strong correlation to acne-prone skin. Furthermore, the fruits and vegetables which form the basis of a vegan diet are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which supports overall health and consequently healthier skin.

Improves metabolism

The resting metabolic rate of vegetarians is higher than that of omnivores. Therefore, vegetarians and vegans are typically slimmer. This is, in part, due to the fact that whole foods are easier to digest than meat. Additionally, a plant-based diet contains a high fibre content, which is necessary for proper digestion.

Fight depression

Research has suggested that vegetarians may experience a higher sense of overall happiness than their non-vegetarian counterparts. One study found that, after following a vegetarian diet for just two weeks, participants reported a significantly higher mood than followers of other diets.

In summary

A plant-based, wholefood diet evidently trumps the typical Western diet of fatty, sugary, processed foods. Undisputably, reducing your intake of calories from these unhealthy sources and increasing those which you get from wholefoods will, over time, benefit your overall health. So…what are you waiting for? 

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