Vishwam Heckert began his yoga practice twenty years ago, as part of his search for deep healing of body and mind. He wanted to know what was beyond suffering, to discover what was Real.

After exploring various philosophies and physical practices, Vishwam came to the beautiful teachings of Heart Of Living Yoga. He now serves as one of the Teacher Trainers for this very special charity and school of yoga.

Dedicated to empowering his students to shine in their own unique way, he listens with his whole being to discover what is needed to help each one.

Vishwam has a special interest in the transformative power of gentle therapeutic yoga for stress relief.

Utilising a wide-range of mindfulness and bodywork techniques, he supports people to retrain their nervous systems into a place of balance. This allows people to experience a fuller and deeper expression of life.

Through this style of teaching, Vishwam’s students become more spontaneous, playful and joyful in their yoga practice and in their every day lives. It also leads naturally to greater focus, creativity and efficiency.

Vishwam has been blessed to support people in stress relief. He also teaches wellbeing in schools and universities, care homes and workplaces, as well is in yoga and other therapeutic spaces.

Vishwam’s qualifications

Vishwam is a registered yoga teacher (RYT500). He has studied with some very beautiful teachers including Padma Devi Sumananda, Rowan Cobelli, Swami Asokananda and Dr Yogi (Andrew McGonigle). He also learns something from everyone he meets.

Inspired by all he learns, he shares the wisdom of the heart on yoga workshops, training course, and on retreats in the UK and internationally.

Vishwam is also a qualified massage therapist and reiki practitioner offering 1:1 therapeutic  sessions during some of the morning and afternoon free time periods (available at an additional charge).