Step into the spectacular hidden gem of Ulea, a beautiful Spanish village in the dramatic Valle de Ricote.  Think meandering river set within ridgeback mountains and lush green plantation and you’ll be there.

Ulea boasts a Moorish history, which is still visible when you journey down the valley, with old wooden water wheels being visible every now and then. Being extremely fertile, the area boasts an array of orchards featuring a variety of fruit and vegetables.

If you visit in spring time, you’ll experience the wonderful scent of orange and lemon blossom; in the summer there are apricots and peaches; in September the fig trees are in full fruit … and that’s only scratching the surface of what’s on offer!

Tranquil and traditionally Spanish, Ulea and the other towns in the valley have a strong Moorish influence due to its history that goes back centuries.  The Ricote Valley was the last Moorish redoubt, so expect to step back in time with narrow winding streets, lush landscapes, and historic buildings set against a backdrop of huge dramatic mountains.

With approximately 900 residents, Ulea is sleepy by nature, that is unless you visit us in fiesta time, when you’ll definitely see how the Spanish can party.

Murcia in January

Although you’d never know it because it’s so peaceful, Ulea is located approximately 25 minutes’ drive from the historic city of Murcia, which in itself is a spectacular city boasting a 600-year cathedral, interesting plazas and plenty of bars and cafes, just what you’d expect from a Mediterranean city.