Our wonderful Happy Team is here to help you every step of the way and our aim is to make your stay with us is very special. Here’s the team:

Andi is chief care giver. She’ll be making sure you’re taken good care of. You’re well fed and that you leave feeling revived and refreshed. If you’re in need of a little TLC then you’re definitely in the right place. Andi has spent her career in senior client-facing roles and knows what evokes a ‘happy’ experience. As well as her work on Happy Retreats, Andrea is also a Co-Founder of Flourish International. Flourish is an organisation committed to the growth and development of women and girls.

Terry has some years under his belt. He’s young at heart and enjoys being active. He regularly cycles 300+km a week! He’ll be taking care of you for some of activities and helping to make your stay the best it can be. Terry has decades of working with clients. He enjoys the good things in life and will add his magic to the recipe.


The three amigos will be on hand to look after your every need, and they’ll be joined by our happy specialists. Our happy specialists will bring their own wonderful expertise and ingredients into the mix.   Think yoga, mindfulness, and arts & crafts.

Yasmin is a qualified and experienced mindfulness teacher.  She runs Mindfulness Makes Sense, specialising in teaching and coaching mindfulness and meditation for physical and mental health and wellbeing. Read more

Kim is a transformational coach and yoga teacher has been on her own personal journey for the past 15 years and, in that time,  has gained so much knowledge and insight into the value of health, wellbeing and happiness. She originally trained in Vinyasa Yoga and has now created her own personal style of teaching which she calls Creative Yoga.
Read more

Karen has practised yoga for 15 years and has been teaching for five years. She is trained in the Iyengar yoga method, which appeals to her due to its emphasis on precision, posture and alignment.  
The Iyengar yoga founder, the late BKS Iyengar said; “Yoga allows you to discover a sense of wholeness in your life.”  Read more

Julie has worked as a healer for twenty-one years and very much believes in the mind, body, spirit connection.  As well as her yoga, Julie also runs mindfulness workshops and this year will take further training in teaching Zen Meditation and Mindfulness.   She teaches courses in bringing this practice into your everyday life, to further enhance health and well-being.  Read more.

Lee-ann is a private yoga teacher – All You Yoga and began her personal yoga journey almost twenty years ago.  Initially it was to support her varied exercise regime of dancing, swimming and distance running.  But becoming familiar with the physical benefits of asana practice, she began to delve further into the wide-ranging subject to discover more.  Read more.

Jackie is an enthusiastic advocate of the use of creative arts for relaxation, and has undertaken courses in a variety of arts and crafts over a number of years . Read more about Jackie and view a sample of her creations.

Vishwam Heckert began his yoga practice twenty years ago as part of his search for deep healing of body and mind. He wanted to know what was beyond suffering, to discover what was Real.  After exploring various philosophies and physical practices, Vishwam came to the beautiful teachings of Heart Of Living Yoga and now serves as one of the Teacher Trainers for this very special charity and school of yoga. Read more.

Andrea has been practising yoga for over 20 years, and her heart called her this year to India where she qualified as a yoga teacher. She believes that yoga is not about just coming to your mat, it is about the lifestyle that you live. To be the most authentic person that you can be. Read more.

Alix Akasha is warm and caring; she loves people, nature, and life in its diversity, which she captures as a photographer.  She is a teacher, psychotherapist and life coach, as well as a qualified meditation and yoga teacher, with Heart of Living Yoga, having studied in both UK and India.  Read more.

After many years of weaving energies into all aspects of her life, Bonnie is now focused on sharing and introducing the many facets of the warp and weft of our material and spiritual lives into an inspiring tapestry through yoga. Her journey as a yoga teacher began with an initial training with Integral Yoga which then led to doing the Intermediate training in the same lineage and has deepened her training further.  Read more.

Is the Founder of  imagine if  which is a wellness and beauty business and she’s been a Coach for over 5 years.  She learned about neuro linguistic programming around 8 years ago and whilst that made a big difference to her life, it was when she became aware of the Three Principles and the ‘inside out’ understanding of life that her awareness of who she is and what this life is really all about, moved her to a whole new level. Read more…

Yoga came into Bhupinder’s life 9 years ago and it was at this point that she instantly felt the physical benefits of the postures. She has spent time in various yoga schools in India, Thailand and Bali in order to dig deeper into the impact that yoga has both in terms of personal growth and spiritual awareness. Read more …

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash