I’m the Founder of  imagine if which is a wellness and beauty business and I’ve been a Coach for over 5 years.  I learned about neuro linguistic programming around 8 years ago and whilst that made a big difference to my life, it was when I became aware of the Three Principles and the ‘inside out’ understanding of life that my awareness of who I am and what this life is really all about, moved to a whole new level.

imagine if started as ‘if’, representing my wonderful children, Isaac & Freya and I added ‘imagine’ because life is truly about unlimited possibilities and having an ‘inside out’ understanding. When you know that your true nature is conscious awareness, love and freedom, life opens up in such an amazing way. Instead of being limited, it becomes a life of unlimited possibilities and you are unstoppable. The colours of imagine if… are representative of the Solar Plexus Chakra – yellow, characterised by the expression of will, personal power and the way we assert ourselves; as well as the Third Eye Chakra – indigo, which is the centre of intuition and foresight.

As a Coach, I’ve had the privilege of supporting people to lead healthier, happier lives and I’ve witnessed some incredible transformations as a result. When people connect with who they truly are, their happiness and inner beauty shine through.

Through imagine if…I want to share these types of experiences and my understanding, helping you to be aware that when you connect to your innate wisdom, you are able to manifest a world of possibilities for yourself.

I’ll be sharing my experiences through retreats, coaching and blog posts and encouraging you to be curious.  I believe that everything in your life happens for a reason and through imagine if… I can do something different that uses all of my experience to be of service.

I grew up in Oldham, Lancashire and now live in the beautiful seaside town of Whitstable in Kent, famous for its oysters. I live with my children and our gorgeous dog Pickles. Walking by the sea with Pickles is one of my favourite things to do. I love spending time with Isaac and Freya, practising yoga, learning and spiritual growth, swimming, listening to music, the occasional Netflix drama and having fun with my friends.

I’d love to meet you sometime so if you’re interested in coaching or coming to one of the imagine if… retreats, please get in touch hello@imagineif.love