Lee-ann Cordingley began her personal yoga journey almost twenty years ago.  This was initially to support her varied exercise regime of dancing, swimming and distance running.

Becoming familiar with the physical benefits of asana practice, Lee-ann delved further into the wide-ranging subject to discover more.

She has a very keen personal interest in anatomy and physiology, with a particular passion for the nervous system. Lee-ann understands that relaxation techniques can greatly aid the physical body and emotional wellbeing.

Lee-ann’s classes

The Hatha yoga classes Lee-ann leads are inclusive and accessible for all ages and abilities.

It is important to Lee-ann that her students recognise how poses feel in the body. She encourages her students to ‘take what they need’ from their physical practice. This may be focusing on improving physical fitness, strength and mobility. Alternatively, it may be focusing on relaxation and the subtler energetics available.

The style of Lee-ann’s classes is often light and always welcoming. Lee-ann has deep respect for meditative practices such as:

Lee-ann’s qualifications and learnings

As a registered yoga teacher (RYT200), continuous professional development is very important for Lee-ann. She attends regular courses and workshops to develop her style of teaching. She integrates all her learnings into her sessions. These include:

  • mantra yoga (chanting);
  • pranayama (breathing exercises); and
  • yoga philosophy.

She uses both her teachings, and written offerings, to make ancient concepts relevant to modern life.

To deepen her knowledge, Lee-ann has learnt from internationally-esteemed yoga teachers, such as:

  • Jasmin Bahia;
  • Anja Brierley-Lange;
  • Dr. Andrew McGonigle,
  • Ryan Spielman; and
  • Adam Husler.
Yoga in pregnancy

Lee-ann is also fully qualified to lead pre- and post-natal ladies through a safe yoga practice.

She has experience in modifying and varying yoga poses in a considerate and safe ways for pregnant and postnatal bodies. This experience is hugely beneficial for adapting yoga poses around physical injuries or other discomforts.

Children’s yoga

Lee-ann has qualifications teaching children’s yoga. Working with hundreds of children, within group and school settings, she introduces the benefits of mindful practices.

Occasionally, Lee-ann brings elements of her children’s yoga into her adult classes. This helps remind her students that yoga is a calming, physically and emotionally beneficial discipline.

It also reminds her students that there is also fun and laughter to be had in yoga!