Welcome to Happy Retreats.  You’re probably wondering about the meaning behind the name?  We know that sometimes life can be tough and maybe all we want to do is go into our shell … we’ve been there! But we believe that to be at our very best, we need to look after our own well-being before we can truly support and help others.  If we’re happy, we can make others happy. So we wanted to create a retreat that focuses on well-being and happiness.

We have our very own happy retreat recipe
for helping you on your well-being journey, this includes:

  • having a good night’s sleep to look after our brain;
  • eating fabulous healthy vegetarian and vegan food to nourish and fuel our body;
  • enjoying regular exercise to improve physical and mental well-being and energy levels;
  • taking time to contemplate and appreciate life;
  • feeling the warmth of the sun to boost our system; and
  • doing activities that bring us joy.

At Happy Retreats you’ll find a warm, welcoming and friendly home-from-home where you can sit back, relax, come out from your shell, and do as much or as little as you want.

As we all find joy through different activities, our retreats all include the happy retreat recipe to focus primarily on your well-being and then we mix things up a little by adding different ingredients.  You can choose to:

Be activeBe creativeBe curious
Be mindfulBe with yoga
or have a retreatTailored for you

Here’s what a typical day might look like.