We offer a range of Be with yoga experiences and cater for all levels, so if you’re new to yoga or practise regularly, we’re sure our retreats can cater to your needs. There’ll be different yoga styles to choose from such as Hatha, Zen and Restorative amongst others.

Our tranquil environment lends itself to practising outside, there’s plenty of shade in the summer, and we can practise by the pool, under the trees, or the pagoda if it’s too warm. And if the weather’s inclement then we’ll retreat indoors to be more comfortable.

Not only do we offer retreats that focus solely on yoga, but some of our Be with yoga retreats are combined with Be curious and Be active retreats where you can benefit from guided walks or visiting places of interest, so you can choose exactly what will work for you.

If you do prefer to choose a pure Be with yoga retreat, you can mix things up too as there are plenty of self-guided walks and cycling routes nearby if you want to explore independently, and a selection of arts and crafts you can do on location. The choice is yours.

Remember we also have a library of books and puzzles, and plenty of outdoor space if you want to explore and relax in a quiet corner.

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Be with yoga

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

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