Looking for something to bring out your creative side. Well in addition to the happy retreat recipe, our Be creative retreats give you the opportunity to while away 3-4 hours a day putting your creative juices to the test.

We have a selection of creative arts, crafts and activities that you can choose from that help to relax your body and mind. Please bear in mind that during Be creative we’ll only have you create items that can be safely carried back in your luggage. We’d hate you to create a special memory and then not be able to take it with you! Of course, all materials are included in the price and there’ll be a mix of arts and crafts you can try.

You can Be creative as and when you please, but also remember there’s the opportunity to take rest, have a stroll, or visit a nearby city if the mood takes you.

Here’s what a typical day might look like that combines with our happy retreat recipe.

Go on, enjoy something a little different. Be creative.

Be creative

Photo by pina messina on Unsplash

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